Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Title: Blood Life Seeker
Series: Kindred, #2
Author: Nicola Claire
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Lucinda's relationship with the Master of the City is progressing at an alarming rate, but she is unsure if what she feels is the truth. Or just a by-product of the joining and Bond. Can she even trust her own feelings? 

 To top that off, the vampire governing body has taken an interest in Lucinda and Michel's joining. The Iunctio's attention has now swung towards Lucinda and her kindred. Can they prove themselves to be no threat to those vampires who rule all Nosferatu? 

 Then temptation appears in the form of a hedonist playboy vampire, who does not play by the rules. 
Lucinda must decide if this new seductive attraction is the correct path for her heart, or the vampire she is tied to for life is her one true love. With such delectable men in her world you'd think life would be a breeze. But, there are whispers of a Prophesy and even Darker days ahead.

 Lucinda may believe she belongs to no one, but there are those who seek to control her. And she may not have a say in that at all.

Blood Life Seeker begins when Lucinda is in a Dream Walk where she meets Gregor, a major player in the vampire world. When she comes back from the dream she tells Michael, and now they both know that things are going to change, and not in a good way. To top it all of Lucinda just lost her best friend, and I do not mean he's dead... With all of this going around, Lucinda also has an attraction she can't seem to fight when it comes to Gregor. Then she's unsure for what she really feels with Michael, and now they must go to Paris to meet with the head of the vampires to make sure Lucinda isn't a threat to them. 

 I have to say I was majorly disappointed with this book. I seriously thought that the bond between Michael, and Lucinda meant a lot more than. I hate the way they both treat each other in this book it just pissed me off. I lost a lot of respect for both of them. Not only that but half the time when Lucinda was mad at Michael I didn't totally agree with her because of how she acted around Gregor, and even Neo jeez. I felt she had no freaking boundaries even though she claimed to "love" Michael. I'm not sure I want to continue this series if it's just going to be a love triangle. I seriously hate those, and this is what this series seems to be turning into. Very disappointed with this book. Other than that I did like all of the powers Lucinda has, and how she acted around the head of the vampires. The book was written very well, and the story was interesting. But again I hate the whole Lucinda-Micheal-Gregor-heck even Neo thing. That is getting on my nerves.

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