Saturday, September 21, 2013

Title: Unattainable
Series: Undeniable, #3
Author: Madeline Sheehan
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Tegen Matthews is the daughter of Dorothy Kelley, a club whore in the Hell’s Horsemen. A plain little girl, Tegen falls into the gritty world of the motorcycle club. When she meets a sweet, caring boy, she embraces the warmth and affection he shows her. Cage West is the son of the president of the Hell’s Horsemen. Tall and blond with deep brown eyes, as he grows up Cage realizes the power of his dimpled smile and smooth drawl. With one chance encounter, Tegen becomes forever tied to Cage. Following is a wayward journey that is filled with regrets, mistakes, and heartache, pulling at the threads that hold them together. Cage and Tegen fight hard but love harder, and in the end, what matters is where the journey takes one girl and one boy, who have been twined with one another since the beginning. 

 This is Tegen and Cage’s story. 

 Love doesn’t erase a broken heart, and it sure doesn’t change people. But no matter how old, how flimsy, how frayed the rope of love is, it keeps you tethered to the people you love.

This story begins with Cage and Tegen having one night together. They have know each other their whole lives, but now for this one night Tegen thinks the boy she's been in love with for so long will be able to realize the he wants her, and that she loves him. But all of her dreams die when Cage says he doesn't do that. After that one night it changed Tegen's life forever. She leaves and goes to California to get away from it all. As the years go on she does her best to stay away from the club, and Cage. 

Until one weekend she ends up back with him, and in his bed. They end up having an explosive time together, not all of it good, and tons of things happen. I won't go any further because I don't want to ruin it but dang, they went through a whole lot of crap. 

 I have to say, I really think Deuce is a jerk. I hated him in this one, until the end. Then I actually felt a little bad for him. And Tegen was awesome. She's freaking crazy, and I thought she and Cage together were perfect. I do have some mixed feelings about Dirty, and his relationship with Ellie. I sort of hate him, yet like him all at the same time. Not sure how that's going to go down. Then one more person I'm actually kind of interested in learning what's going to happen to him is ZZ. I feel bad for the guy, then again I think he's sort of crazy too. This one was good. Not as good as the second one, but still better than the first one. I really loved it. So I can not wait to read the next book in this lovable, crazy, series.

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