Friday, September 13, 2013

Title: The Secret
Series: Annie, #2
Author: Ron Mahaffey
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Annie's deep desire to learn the facts about her father's past may have unknowingly placed her and Cody's life in danger. Cody realizes that Annie has a strong desire to learn about her father's past and encourages her to confront him immediately about it. Twenty five minutes later Annie's mother hears a knock on the door and in walks Annie and Cody. Annie faces her father and asks "Dad, what kind of a job do you have that requires you to go to Washington D.C. and who is Sam? Jim Wilson had been waiting twenty years for her to ask him that question and now she has. He looks at his wife, to whom he has been married for nearly thirty years and smiles. Mary returned his smile and said "Jim, it looks like the time we had been dreading has finally come." Jim reaches over and takes Annie's hand. He looks sincerely into her beautiful blue eyes and replies "Sweetheart what I am about to tell you must never go beyond this room and what you are about to learn may also put your life as well as Cody's in danger. Both of you need to know what I am about to tell you so that you'll always be alert of your surroundings. This is not to scare you but to make you always watch for anything that doesn't seem right." Annie looked over at Cody and knew that as long as they were together, the strong love they had for each other would be their strength. "Tell us Dad, whatever it is we can handle it." Jim looked at Mary and smiled "The trouble all started thirty years and six months ago today.

Review Copy 

The Secret begins with Annie and Cody wanting to know more about the mysterious "Sam" and about the men who helped search for Cody in the first book. So they go to Annie's parents house to demand answers to the questions they have. While they are there Annie's parents reveal the whole story, that includes Cody's parents as well. But neither of them realize that they could be in danger by learning everything. I have to say this one wasn't as good as the first one. But it was still pretty interesting. The whole story is pretty much Annie's dad telling the story about who he works for, and about Cody's parents. Including the fact that maybe they didn't die in an accident. But in the end we realize that Annie and Cody may now be in danger. I loved the first book, but again this one wasn't as great as that one. But it was still good.

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