Friday, September 27, 2013

Title: Sweet Seduction Shadow
Series: Sweet Seduction #3
Author: Nicola Claire

"The moment you entered my world, you set it alight. Until there were no more shadows left to hide in." 

 Abi Merchant has been on the run for five long years. Panic and paranoia have been her constant companion. In an effort to survive the tortured memories of her past, she's had to live within her mind. But five weeks into a new identity and new location Abi knows her past has caught up with her. That itch between her shoulder blades and that bullseye she imagines on the centre of her back have returned. During one last ditch effort to escape a fate worse than death she meets him; a handsome, mysterious stranger who dwells in the shadows. Hiding just like she is, in plain sight. But can she trust him? Ben Tamati is following her for a reason. Abi just doesn't know if it's the same reason that has had her running for the past half decade or not. 

 A constant threat of capture and a life lived on the run finally wears Abi down. Attempted abductions, shoot-outs in back alleys, frantic and drastic evasions, determined police detectives and passionate gun-toting investigators all culminate in a showdown with Abi's past. A past that she has to face in order to discover who she really is in the end. But can she find the courage to confront the one man who has never stopped hunting her? And can she draw her shadow man out his shadows, just as he has drawn Abi out of herself? 

 Love at first sight has never been so dangerous and so very delicious at the same time.

Sweet Seduction Shadow begins when "the Shadow" known as Ben finally makes his appearance known to Abi. Abi has been running for the past five years to get away from some dangerous people. She knows she's been followed for the past three weeks, but she could never locate who was following her. She finally decides she's been made, and needs to get out of town fast. Things change however when Ben saves her. He has the wrong idea about Abi, but when these two get together it's explosive, and maybe just maybe love at first sight... 

 Oh man, I LOVE THIS BOOK!! This is not only my favorite of the series so far, it is now one of my favorite books! I loved Ben, and Abi together. They were perfect. Abi is basically Ben's equal in all ways. I loved that. I also loved how once Abi, and Ben got together Abi didn't run from Ben. She embraced the connection they have together. It was also really nice to see the other characters from the other two books as well. 

The only thing I wish I had more of in this book was Ben, and Abi together. I wished we had got to see more of them "getting to know" each other, or just working together. That would be awesome. I can not wait to read more in this series, it is awesome.

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