Friday, August 9, 2013

Title: My Life After Now
Author: Jessica Verdi
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

Lucy just had the worst week ever. Seriously, mega bad. And suddenly, it's all too much—she wants out. Out of her house, out of her head, out of her life. She wants to be a whole new Lucy. So she does something the old Lucy would never dream of.

And now her life will never be the same. Now, how will she be able to have a boyfriend? What will she tell her friends? How will she face her family?

Now her life is completely different...every moment is a gift. Because now she might not have many moments left

My Life After Now starts out with Lucy being just a normal sixteen year old girl. She's in the drama club, she has a boyfriend she's been with for the past year, and she has good friends. Things start to go bad for her when her rival gets the lead in the play, she loses her boyfriend, and her "mother" comes back into the picture. With all of this on her shoulders Lucy just wants to get away from it all. She wants one night of fun to forget all of her problems. But she never knew she would make one of the biggest mistakes of her life by just trying to forget things.

I have never once read about that dealt with HIV. This book was very unique. It shows all of the things Lucy goes through when she finds out she has HIV. We get to see how she interacts with friends, possible boyfriends, her family. Things change so drastically for her, and she's so scared of what's going to happen. This book in its own way is very heartbreaking. I know I cried several times during it. I applaud the author for doing such a wonderful job bringing this story to life.

Overall the book was wonderful. I just wish there was a little bit more romance, but alas that is not really what the book was about. I enjoyed all of the side characters, and getting to see how Lucy changed throughout the whole story. I would like to see more of Lucy, so hopefully there will be another book to this one.

by Whitney Martin 3:12 PM 4 comments


  1. I've never read any books that deal with HIV either. It sounds interesting and emotional!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you loved this book too, Whit! This is my favorite issue book, it made me so emotional and terrified in the beginning yet overly happy in the end. I loved Lucy and her dads, they were such a joy. Great review! :)

    1. Yeah I really liked the dads as well. :) Glad you liked it too.


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