Saturday, August 10, 2013

Title: Love Notes
Series: Love Notes, #1
Author: Heather Gunter
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

How do you cope when the people you care for hurt you the most? When the way you feel on the outside, smothers you on the inside. And when you are left to face your demons alone, will you learn that only you have the power to overcome them?

Charlie has never had it easy. Between the constant moving and the incessant fat comments and jokes from her father, her self-worth is nonexistent. Her reflection in the mirror shows her nothing but a plain Jane. Music is the only thing that keeps her sanity in check.

Charlie catches the eye of the town star quarterback, Maverick. With her curves, her brunette hair, and the voice of an angel, Maverick has never met anyone like her. Everything that is different about Charlie just makes Maverick like her more. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t see it herself.

Proving it to her may deem harder than he thinks, especially when tragedy strikes and tears them apart.

Now standing on her own two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is, what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really is.

Love Notes starts out with Charlie just moving to a new town and having to start her senior year in high school. She's used to new schools, and she's never really had any real friends before so she's not really afraid of it. However, what she's not used to his a guy take notice of her. And that is immediately what happens. 

Maverick has never had real feelings for a girl before, but now he literally runs into a beautiful girl who instantly has him intrigued. This girl is so beautiful, but she doesn't even know it. She smart, funny, sweet, and a little sassy too. And Maverick does everything he can to get her to go out with him. 

They instantly start a beautiful (but slow) romance. The only thing is Charlie has problems at home. Her father is verbal abusive to her. He calls her ugly, fat, and stupid every day. And Charlie doesn't know how to live any way else. She also doesn't believe anyone can think she's pretty or smart because of living with her father for so long. As the story continues through Charlie and Mavericks journey, they each have their ups and downs but it is a beautifully sad story to read. And in the end, it ended happy.

Overall this book was very very good. The author did a wonderful job of describing how damaged Charlie is, and what she has to go through every day. It was heartbreaking. And it was good to see Charlie actually find people who care about her. I'm also excited to see more of Charlie, Maverick and their friends in the next book.

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