Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Title: Love And Chaos
Author: Elizabeth Powers
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Emma Jameson is pretty darn happy with her life. She has a good job, a loving family, a decent social life, and a dog who simultaneously adores her and keeps her yard free of squirrels. But with the help of fate and her irresponsible older sister, she gets tossed into the middle of a mess, and comes out on the other side married to Mason, a stranger who makes a cement block look emotional. And let's face it, while her new husband is hot, that doesn't even begin to make up for the fact that he doesn't like dogs, and shows an equal aversion to all things messy and disordered. Too bad Emma named her beloved dog Chaos for a reason, and if she's moving into her new husband's house, the dog is moving in with her.

While Emma is learning to live with an incredibly sexy but detached man, she's also faced with the disappointment of her martini-swilling grandmother (who dreamed of a wedding for Emma with a white dress and an open bar), a disapproving mother-in-law (who is convinced that Emma is a heartless gold-digger), and the kid next door who desperately wants to be a vet but finds himself next-in-line to take over his father's meat-distribution company. And Mason, God bless him, is slowly learning that order and serenity are less appealing than he'd once thought, particularly when love and Chaos are on offer.

Review Copy

This book starts out with Emma going to let Mason, a guy her sister agreed to marry for business, know that her sister is backing out of the deal. So when Mason sees Emma he talks her into marrying him in place of her sister.

Mason is a cold, emotionless man with lots of money. While Emma is a sweet, loyal, warm, caring type of women. These two don't think anything can happen when the come together, but little did they know that feelings would get in the way of their agreement.

Over all I have to say this book was okay. I really loved the characters, and the plot. It was very interesting, and I think "Chaos" through a little extra into it as well. However, at times I did feel a little bit bored with the book. I felt like something was missing. But other than that I really enjoyed it!

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