Sunday, July 21, 2013

Title: Seeing Stars
Author: Vanessa Grant
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Arizona astronomer Claire Welland is anything but starry-eyed when it comes to romance. She knows her home on an isolated mountaintop observatory makes marriage to most men impossible, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a little romantic fun. The last thing she expects when she comes home to Port Townsend, Washington, for her high school reunion is to be swept off her feet by blake McKenzie.

Once the town bad boy, Blake is now a prominent shipbuilder dedicated to helping local teens. When he asks Claire to talk to one of his boys about astronomy, he’s only thinking she might give direction to a troubled kid. He certainly never dreamed she’d inspire him - to fall in love. Now Blake is determined to show Claire that their future together is in the stars … if she’ll only open her eyes.

This book is about Claire Welland going back home for her high school reunion. She meets up with Blake the old school bad boy, and he offers her a deal. She wants one week of romance, and he gets help with troubled teenagers. 

Along the way they both realize they have feelings for each other, and can't be sure they can let the other go. 

Overall this book was okay. I had a major dislike for Claire, I couldn't stand her. I thought she was a jerk, selfish, and very uncaring. I couldn't believe a lot of the things she did, it was just horrible. I did like Blake, and the rest of the characters in the book. And I liked the plot, that is the only reason this book is a three star and not a two. 

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