Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Title: Ember
Series: Ember, #1
Author: E.E. Martin
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Riley Parker thinks her biggest problems are dealing with an estranged new foster family and surviving high school until she receives a mysterious amulet on her second day in Cape Elizabeth that marks her as part of a world she never conceived. Two opposing sides of a magical war discover that Riley can return them to their home, spurring a fight over her allegiance. She must learn which to trust before she helps the wrong side, the side aiming to hurt everyone in its path. In one week, Riley finds herself racing to protect the key to winning the war and battling against dark magics all while fearing her own ability. Her magic is strong and tempting to dangerous, icy blue eyes that tempt her in return. Riley's ability also sparks the possibility that she could be to blame for a tragedy that has haunted her for a year.

Ember is about Riley Parker having to go to a new foster home. She's been in and out of several of them in the last year since her mother died in a fire in their old house. Now she's just trying to deal with new families, and new schools she never expects what she actually finds out. 

There is a war going on between witches and other creates and Riley has just been put in the middle of because she can choose which side to be on. She see's that there is temptation but so far she chooses the good side of things. During the book she learns a lot about who her actually family is, and finds some new friends along the way. 

Overall the book was okay. I really don't like what happened in the end, but it did leave it open for more in the series. I'm not sure if I will be reading anymore from this series, but it does have a good plot line, and good characters. 

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