Sunday, June 30, 2013

Title: Too Sexy For His Stetson
Author: Mal Olson
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Rookie cop Brandy Wilcox grew up on her own, on the run, and on the wrong side of the tracks. One burning desire drives her—her quest to prove her mother was wrongfully convicted of murder. She never trusted anyone, not until she met her new field training officer Lieutenant Blade Beringer. The Stetson-wearing half of a canine team, Beringer, is honest, fair, and respectable--everything Brandy aspires to be. 
Blade finds training the feisty recruit a challenge, especially when Brandy turns him on like no other woman has. He'd like to get close to her in more ways than one...but he shouldn't. Department rules forbid fraternizing between deputies, and he has personal reasons for avoiding a close emotional relationship with any woman. 

When Brandy realizes the number one suspect on her most-wanted list is Blade's idol, she doubts their growing and forbidden attraction has a snowball's chance in the Idaho sun. 
Will they live long enough to find out if the fragile bond between them can survive? The odds are against them as they investigate a ten-year-old murder case, as they match wits and brawn with a monster rig on a curvy mountainous road, as they tackle a raging torrent-drenched river, dodge bullets, arrows, and radical supremacists, and finally, as they confront madmen in the process of detonating a bomb at the nearby dam.

Too Sexy for his Stetson.. wow what a name. The name is equally as funny as the book. Although the book as some parts that aren't exactly very funny, but the whole first part of the book was pretty funny. 

It is about a deputy named Brandy who is new in town. She's trying to clear her mother of a murder charger even though she's already passed away. Along with that she meets Blade her boss, and the too sexy for his stetson man. 

It is instant attraction between them. But they can not be together because they work together, and because the man Brandy believes framed her mother is also Blade's idol. 

This book was okay. I loved the start of it, it was seriously funny. And the overall plot was good. I just couldn't really connect with the characters very well. 
I didn't really like either of them very much at all so that just made me dislike the book some, but other than that everything else about the book was good. 

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