Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Title: Silver Borne
Series: Mercy Thompson, #5
Author: Patricia Briggs
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Being a mechanic is hard work. Mercy Thompson, for instance, just spent the last couple of months trying to evade the murderous queen of the local vampire seethe. And now the leader of the werewolf pack, who's maybe-more-than-just-a-friend, has asked for her help. A book of fae secrets has come to light and they're all about to find out how implacable - and dangerous - the fae can be.

OK, so maybe her troubles have nothing to do with the job. But she sure could use a holiday.

In the 5th book of the Mercy Thompson series, Mercy is having some problems with her new pack. They do not want her to be in the pack because she isn't a werewolf. And they are trying to get between her and Adam. 
Along with this problem, Sam seems to want to end his life. He's not himself any longer, and his wolf is now in control which can mean that he may have to be killed. 

Then Mercy has a Fae queen out to get her because of a book that was given to her before. She has to go all out with this one when The queen starts to take Mercy's friends away. 

This one was another good one in this series. I'm not sure what I felt about all of the stuff with Sam. He's starting to get on my nerves. Other than that I really did enjoy this one, and I can not wait for more. 

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