Monday, June 10, 2013

Title: Nameless
Author: Claire Kent
Rating: 2 Shooting Stars

They named it anything but love.

After a failed marriage to a domineering man, Erin refuses to be controlled by anything or anyone. That includes Seth, the father of her baby—a man who was supposed to be only a one-night-stand, a man who’s used to always getting his way.

There’s a reason that Seth Thomas, a successful defense attorney, is often referred to as the Bulldozer. If something needs to happen, he makes it happen. That includes being part of his baby’s life—even if he never expected to be a father, even if Erin doesn’t really trust him.

They’ll work out an arrangement in the best interest of their baby—and if they occasionally have sex, well, that’s just an added perk—but they both agree on one thing.

What they have will never be love.

The start of the book was very promising. But once I got more into it, I thought about putting it down and not reading anymore of it. I couldn't connect with the heroine, or her. I felt we didn't even learn enough about the hero to like him. And the heroine just acted freaking stupid most of the time. 

The book is about a women who has a one night stand but ends up getting pregnant. She tells the baby's father that he's going to have a baby, and they start to have a weird relationship so he can be involved in it. But she makes it clear she doesn't want money, or marriage from him. 

I felt this book lacked a whole lot of real emotion. And I felt I couldn't connect with the character's and that they weren't really likable. 

I don't recommend this book. I mean overall it was probably an okay story, but I just didn't like it at all. 

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