Friday, May 17, 2013

Title: The Proposition
Series: The Proposition, #1
Author: Katie Ashley
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

With her thirtieth birthday looming, Emma Harrison finds her biological clock clanging and the elusive knight in shining armor yet to appear. She’s running out of options, especially after her gay best friend backs out from being her sperm donor. Of course, there’s always a sperm bank, but Emma fears a donor mix-up might impregnate her with the spawn of Satan.

Resident company womanizer, Aidan Fitzgerald, is used to always getting what he wants, especially in the bedroom. When Emma spurns his advances at the company Christmas party, he's determined to have her no matter what it takes. After Aidan learns of Emma's predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them both. He will father Emma's child, but she must conceive it with him naturally. Not one for hook-ups or casual sex, Emma is reluctant to take him up on his offer, but his charm, coupled with her intense desire for motherhood, wins out.

Soon their baby-making sessions become more than just physical. Aidan can't seem to walk away from her while Emma begins to wonder if Aidan could be the one. But can Aidan leave his past behind to become the man Emma needs him to be?

When I read the preview of this book I knew I had to read it. However I feel like this book is in limbo between being good and bad. There are many things I like about it and many things I do not like about it. 

Things I Like:

A)I really liked the plot for one. A women wants to have a baby so badly that she makes a strange arrangement with a man she doesn't really know all that well, and is well know for being a womanizer. 

B)I like the character's personality to an extent. There are things I didn't really like about them. But I do like how they were with each other. They had a nice banter going between them that made you feel like they were good together. 

C) The book was very well written and easily understood. A lot of books that are similar to this type of plot are not so easy to read. They are too angsty or they just have  a whole lot of crap between there character's. This book didn't have any of that, and it made it much more enjoyable. 

The Things I Didn't Like:

A) I didn't like what Aiden did in the end. Seriously it proved him to be a major coward in my opinion. I lost a lot of respect for him. 

B) I sometimes didn't like how freaking desperate Emma was to have a baby. I mean jeez she was not even 30 years old yet.

Okay so there may be very few things I didn't like about the book, but they were so major it left an impression on me to where I just can't bring myself to fall in love with the book. I do want to read the next on though because I'm dying to know what happens. But overall the book landing in my "okay" zone.  

by Whitney Martin 1:38 PM 2 comments


  1. Oh Gosh, I loved this book. It was so fun and entertaining and the chemistry between Aiden & Emma was so sexy! The ending was horrible! I really wanted to punch Aiden for what he did. Though I have to say that his dog was so freaking adorable. Fabulous review, Whit! I hope you enjoy the next one more than this one :)

    1. I really loved the dog in the end as well. It kind of brought a little bit of humor to a horrible situation!


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