Friday, May 3, 2013

Title: Mark Of The Wolf
Series: Wolves Of Black River, #1
Author: T. L. Shreffler
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Playing girlfriend to a werewolf isn't easy and Maddy has enough problems, like an abusive step-father, a greedy loan shark and way too much math homework. But Gareth is everything a man should be: six feet tall, green eyes, black hair to die for... and somewhat animalistic tendencies. How is Maddy supposed to straighten out her life while helping him become Alpha of his old werewolf pack?

I found this book when I was looking for a good werewolf read, and I'm so glad I found it. 
It starts out with Maddy meeting Gareth when she was very young in the mountains. She had escaped the hell at home and just wanted to be away from it all. Then along came Gareth to help her back home. This "dance" between them continued over the years until finally Maddy gets into trouble a little over her head, and needs help. Gareth is the one to rescue her, and it leads to a whole world Maddy never knew 
She and Gareth have to go through a lot of trails to get their relationship to work, along with Gareth taken over a pack, and Maddy being human it is a whole lot of heartache, drama, and action that makes this book oh-so enjoyable. :)

I fell in love with Gareth, he is seriously an awesome werewolf alpha male! He's dangerous, and cares more about Maddy than anything. 

And Maddy was a "human" but she still had a lot of spunk even though she had lived through so much crap in her life. 

There were only two instances in the book that bothered me. The first one is when Maddy first finds out Gareth is a werewolf, she sort of freaks out which I completely understand, but then just that way that she calms down and acts like she never acted that way really got on my nerves. It made her character seem very "wishy-washy." 

And then of course when Gareth doesn't tell her about the mating ceremony. I really hated the fact that it had to happen like that, it just broke my heart. 

Anyways this is a very awesome werewolf story with lots of action, and romance. I highly recommend this book, and I can not wait to read more from this series!

by Whitney Martin 11:01 PM 1 comment

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