Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Title: Heartbreak, Tennessee
Author: Ruby Laska
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Amber DeWitt knows she won’t be able to avoid Mac entirely when her job brings her back to Heartbreak, Tennessee, her home town.

But she is determined to try.

Their love affair ended fourteen years ago, when she was just eighteen. She begged Mac to run away with her after she learned a terrible secret about their two families. When Mac refused, Amber vowed to disappear forever.

But now, Amber has been forced to return to help her employer plan a theme park to be set in Heartbreak. She intends to get the trip over with as quickly as possible and return to her life in Nashville, a life that includes a relationship with aspiring singer Dean Hamilton.

Unfortunately, negotiating the theme park isn’t as easy as Amber had hoped. The park’s number one opponent is Heartbreak’s mayor—none other than Mac. And when he’s not shooting down her proposal, he’s proposing the kind of collaboration that ignites long-buried passions.

Heartbreak, Tennessee starts with Amber going back to her home town for her job, and running into everything she left behind when she ran away 14 years ago. She sees the love of her life Mac again, and knows that her feelings haven't changed in all this time apart, she's still in love with him. But Amber knows she can't tell him what happened back then, and that she can't let her feelings show now because she is determined to go back to Nashville and forget all about Mac and her home town. 

Mac on the other hand wants to know what happened so long ago, and he's determined to try to keep her there with him. He's not going to let her run away again. 

This book has lots of character's to fall in love with, and beautiful story line that I adore. I really enjoyed this book, and I would be happy to read more from this author. It was very well written, and lots of passion, and heartache all in one! 

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