Sunday, May 19, 2013

Title: Friend-Zoned
Series: Friend-Zoned, #1
Author: Belle Aurora
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Nikolai Leokov never thought he'd fall in love with the only girl he's ever befriended. 

Valentina Tomic has issues with commitment after the ultimate betrayal. 

When Tina decides to make broody Nik's day better, she never thought she would end up friends with the hard man. 

Nik has never had a woman be so affectionate to him without expecting something in return. 

Nik and Tina cordially invite you to read Friend-zoned. 

A story of friendship, humour and love.

This book was wonderful! Seriously Spectacular!
It's about how one day while working at the clothing store she owns, Tina notices a very beautiful man across the street smoking. She continues to see this man for a few weeks, but notices that he doesn't smile so she sends him some candy with a note. From there the fun begins. 

The each friend-zone each other. But alone with that they bring not just each other but 6 others into their friendship to create a new group of friends, and family. 

This book was extremely funny, with a little bit of drama, and action. I loved how all of the relationships started, and how well written all of the character's are. 

Tina is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart, but she's had it broken before and may not be able to repair it. And Nik doesn't trust women easily so finally finding a women who is a friend to trust was not something Nik would expect to happen. 

There is a lot of stuff that happens in this book, and at times I really wanted to hurt both Nik and Tina because of how they acted. But it was understandable at times. The one and only bad thing in my opinion was at times it almost seemed like the story dragged, but that didn't start till about 40% into it. So the whole first part was perfect! I can not wait to read more! 

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