Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Title: For Ever
Series: The Ever Series, #1
Author: C.J. Valles
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Sixteen-year-old Wren Sullivan can read minds, but when she moves from Southern California to Portland, Oregon, she meets Ever Casey—the one person whose mind is off-limits. Wren does know one thing about her mysterious classmate: he has a dark secret to hide. And the closer she gets to learning the truth, the more dangerous it is for her and everyone around her.

For Ever looked like a really interesting book when I found it on amazon. So I decided to go ahead and get it. It turned out to be okay, nothing too great, but not too bad either. 

It starts with Wren having to move to Portland, Oregon with her mother after her parents get divorced. She has to start a new school, and on her second day something really strange happens when she looks into the eyes of Ever Casey. He has never spoken to anyone at the school, but all of a sudden he seems to be saving her life every time she turns around. She realizes that maybe he has some secrets of his own, and he seems to know hers. 

I did enjoy this book. But the whole first half almost seemed extremely close to Twilight. Lots of things that happen to Wren happened in Twilight as well. But after about 50 % of the book, it takes a whole different turn. I enjoyed how it was different than a lot of books out there right now. And I really loved Wren. I thought it was so cool, how smart she was, and how she wasn't totally freaked out by Ever. Now the ending was horrible. I couldn't believe it ended like that, in a freaking cliffhanger. Grr it just really frustrated me. Now I'm not sure that I want to continue reading this story, but my favorite thing about the book was Wren. I love character's like her, and she truly made the story worth reading! 

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