Sunday, May 5, 2013

Title: Blood Of The Wolf
Series: Wolves Of Black River, #2
Author: T.L. Shreffler
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Jaime will never forgive Sirus, the Alpha who slaughtered her entire pack... too bad he also claims to be her lifemate, the one she is destined to love forever. For the last four years she has ran from from foster home to foster home, hiding from the deadly man who haunts her dreams, but Sirus is a wolf of his word. He will come for her. He will hunt her down and claim her as his mate at any cost. Jaime would rather die than surrender... but the chase is tiring, and his touch is pure fire.

Blood Of The Wolf starts with Jaime losing everything she's ever known at such a young age. Now she's trying to run from the man she believes killed her family. Sirus knows Jamie is his lifemate, and he is doing everything he can to catch her, and mate with her before it's too late. 

I really enjoyed this book. It has a good story line, and awesome characters. I really didn't like the whole wolf moon thing though. I didn't like the fact that Jamie wouldn't care who she mated with as long as she mated, even though it all turned out right in the end, it still bugged me at times. Because it almost seemed like the lifemate part didn't exist when a wolf was having her moon phase. 

I loved how Jamie was strong enough to overcome her fear, and continue fighting everything that got in her way of her main goal. She is such a young women to have to go through all of the things she went through especially alone. It was kind of sad, but you wouldn't know it by being around her. 

And Sirus is equally messed up, but he shows it in a different way, mainly by being "cold." I did like Sirus though, he is an awesome alpha male who would do anything for his lifemate, even though he doesn't yet know how to show his feelings to her. 

I also enjoyed getting to see the character's from the first book again. :) I do recommend this book, and this series. I can not wait to read more. 

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