Sunday, May 19, 2013

Title: Annie
Author: Ron Mahaffey
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

Cody Miller's lifelong desire to serve and protect the country he loves is a reality now, thanks to the Vietnam War. He has served honorably and well, and he's about to be sent back to the States...along with the woman he loves. But just as his dreams are about to come true, a tragedy strikes, giving him the opportunity to protect an angel of mercy...but at great cost to himself. Cody wakes up in a veterans' hospital believing that he has nothing left to live for. With a cold and angry heart, his only wish is to ride into the Colorado wilderness, never to be seen again. But Cody doesn't know that destiny is following him in a way he doesn't expect. Will it reach him in time? Annie is a deftly plotted, richly characterized novel that illuminates the physical and emotional realities of war with vividness and compassion to create a deeply satisfying story.


Annie starts out with Cody being in the middle of the Vietnam war. He is on his last stretch of being in the war, and extremely glad to be getting out soon. He and his fellow mates get back to base with only one injury.

But things aren't so great once they get back, something completely unexpected happens and Cody's life seems to be changed forever. He gets back to the states where he just wants to get away from everything. But little does he know people who care about him are out searching high and low for him. 

This book shows a lot of insight into being a soldier in the Vietnam war. It was a very refreshing read. It wasn't all about fighting, it was about love, compassion, and what it truly takes to be a hero. 

Cody was definitely  my hero! I was extremely pleased with his personality. He was cute, charming, and very brave. I was instantly captivated by him in this book. Then there is Annie who is a lot like Cody just the female version. I loved her as well. The author did a wonderful job bring all of the character's to life, I truly adore this book, and I'm very please to have the opportunity to read it! I highly recommend it. 

Ron Mahaffey served from 1967 to 1969 with the US Army. During 1968, at the peak of the Vietnam War, he personally experienced the challenges and personal losses. Although he met the love of his life the last year of high school, his desire to serve as a combat soldier spurred him to volunteer for the draft in June of 1967. When he was honorably discharged in July 1969, he married his high school sweetheart, and they will celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary in August 2013. They have three children: a teacher, an electrical engineer, and a journalist. 

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