Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Title: The Gamble
Series: Colorado Mountain, #1
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

Nina Sheridan’s on a timeout adventure in the Colorado Mountains. She needs distance from her clueless fiancé, distance to decide whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with a man who doesn’t care enough to learn how she takes her coffee.

Arriving in a blinding snowstorm at the A-Frame she rented, she comes face to face with the most amazing man she’s ever seen. Minutes later, when he kicks her out of his house, she goes head to head with him.

Beyond angry because she’s flown half a world away to start her timeout adventure, not to mention her sinuses hurt, she heads back down the mountain and ends up in a ditch. Unable to extricate herself, she gives up, hopes for rescue and falls asleep in the backseat.

The next morning she wakes up in the amazing man’s bed and she’s sick as a dog.

Holden Maxwell spends days nursing her back to health and then he spends the next two weeks trying to convince her to take her Colorado adventure further, in other words, make it permanent and take a gamble on him.

Nina has a tough time fighting her attraction to Max, especially when it seems all Max’s friends, her mother and stepdad and the whole town want them together and both she and Max get embroiled in the murder of Max’s ex-friend and the town of Gnaw Bone’s most detested resident – a man everyone has motive to kill, especially Max

The Gamble begins with Nina taking a vacation away from her fiance. She's not sure how she really likes how things are going with him, and her life. So now she's going to take a holiday in the Colorado mountains, but there is a problem because the house she booked has a man already in it. But when Nina tries to leave she ends up getting sick, and Max, the man who was already there, takes care of her. Now Max, and Nina start to build a relationship, but Max has a few secrets... And there others out there who don't really want them to be very happy now..

This book is wonderful! It had an awesome murder plot with a wicked romance! Max and Nina are awesome characters! I love both of there personalities, and that they both have shared a loss that cut them both deeply! I loved this book! It wasn't just Nina and Max, it was all of the side characters adding a whole bunch of drama too!

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