Sunday, April 14, 2013

Title: Lily's Mistake
Author: Pamela Ann
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Lily Alexander was always in love with Drake Tatum before she even knew what love meant. One fated night during one of their family vacations, Lily gave her virginity to Drake. 

After that magical night, Drake and Lily avoided each other successfully for eight years. Upon their parent’s meddling, the two suddenly had to face each other—working side by side. 

Sparks fly, eyes devouring each other. The sudden impact of being in each other’s orbit was electrifying. 

Drake wanted to consume Lily almost immediately. But to what extent? Will Lily surrender again to the man who once broke her heart?

I started this book thinking it would be very interesting because of how it starts out. You have Lily being young and in love with Drake so she gives him her virginity, but things do not go well for Lily afterwards because Drake breaks her heart. Eight years later they are thrown back together, and Lily is determined not to let Drake fool her again. 

Lily is the main reason I thought this book was okay. She is very stubborn, strong willed, and doesn't take bull crap. I enjoyed her character a lot. She was always standing up for her heart, and she didn't want to heart anyone in the process either. 

Drake was a very possessive alpha male who realizes he's made several mistakes with Lily and wants to change that. So he does everything he can to get her back, but he also keeps making mistakes along the way. 

Drake does have a fiance when he and Lily are thrown back together again, but he quickly gets rid of her. Even though she makes another appearance later on in the book, I really thought the fact that he was engaged had no effect on the book at all. It seemed really dumb that he was engaged to begin with because it didn't bring much to the story at all, and then the one part where it could have brought more drama to the story it didn't really lead any where. So this makes me dislike the book some because it was just really stupid in my opinion to have this other women in the book. 

Towards the end it gets a little sad, and the actually ending is nice. I very much liked the epilogue. And I did like the fact that there were a few parts in Drake's point of view. Overall I would say the book was just okay, nothing great about it, and nothing really bad about it either. 

by Whitney Martin 1:23 AM 2 comments


  1. Lilly being strong and not taking crap makes her sound like an awesome character to read about.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. Lily was pretty cool. I liked her a lot. She was what made me actually enjoy the book, so that was good. :)


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