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Title: Disastrous
Series: Disastrous #1
Author: E.L. Montes

After struggling with the loss of yet another person so dear to her heart, Mia Sullivan, transforms her frustration and loneliness, into focusing on her future career. As the top of her class at Harvard Law, she’s nervous and excited, when given the opportunity of a summer extern position at one of the top firms in Boston. Her new boss is young, extraordinarily handsome, and the successful, Marcus DeLuca. Slowly she begins to fall for him, but as she caves in to his charms, she begins to discover he is keeping something from her.

Marcus DeLuca is living two lives: one that involves his successful career and the other that could potentially ruin his entire reputation. Every day is a stressful and hectic environment with his busy schedule. His secret could jeopardize not only his life but everyone he loves.That’s why he has no extra room for a serious, romantic relationship, but after meeting Mia he cannot resist her. She is innocent, humble, and pure, the total opposite of him. She distracts him from all of his deep, dark secrets. He knows once Mia finds out the things he has done and who he truly is, she will never want to look at him again. Deep down he knows he must stay away but he can’t. 

Mia and Marcus are heading down a path of love, lies, heart break and betrayal. Can their love conquer all or will it end?


This book starts off with Mia being a Harvard Law student trying to get an extern position at one of the top law firms in Boston. Mia has been through a lot in life, lots of  loss and heartache, and she only has one friend her room mate Jeremy. One night things change for Mia though, she meets her new boss Marcus DeLuca and he does everything he can to get her to start a relationship with him. 
Things aren't always as they seem though, and Mia has a hard time trusting people because of all the things in her past. Mia and Marcus have an explosive relationship, very passionate and sometimes not so good. Things get hard when she learns Marcus has lots of secrets that he doesn't plan on sharing with her. 

So I don't have a lot of feeling for this book. I don't really like it, but I also don't really dislike it either. It was just okay. I couldn't form a connection to the characters. I thought Marcus was kind of "wimpy" he didn't seem to be very Alpha male like, and I didn't like that. He also seemed to let Mia run over him a lot. 
And I didn't care for Mia at all. I thought she was stupid, and a screaming "jerk." There was one point in the book where she looked up things about Marcus before she started dating him, and even asked him about it. But then when he started to disappear and say he couldn't tell her things, she couldn't even come up with an educated guess as to why. And she was also surprised when he finally told her some of it. I thought this was extremely stupid on her part. I mean it was somewhat obvious, so I do not understand why she acted the way she did. I really didn't feel a whole lot of sympathy for her, and I felt like she often judged Marcus to harshly for someone she claimed to love. 

I was only slightly curious about the next book, so I'm not sure I will be reading it because I really didn't like the characters very much. But if your into this type of drama/romance then this is the book for you. 
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