Sunday, April 28, 2013

Title: Bringing Down Sam
Author: Leslie Kelly 
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

High school teacher Eve Barret has a secret--she was once a child modeling superstar. She's left that life far behind, and has no intention of returning to it. At least not until her best friends talk her into a crazy scheme to "bring down" Public Enemy Number 1: Sam Kenneman.

Sam Kenneman has every woman in the country up in arms about his new bestseller, 101 Ways To Avoid Commitment. The book's supposed to be a joke--but women aren't getting it. Now he just wants the frenzy to die down so life can go back to normal.

Her goal? Teach him a lesson.

His goal? Don't fall for the sexy blonde.

The problem? They can't resist each other!

I saw this was Free on Amazon, so I decided I would check it out. And for a "free" book it was okay, just something with an interesting story, and humor to pass the time away. 
Sam Kenneman wrote a book that is supposed to be a "joke" but many men are taking it seriously and women are starting to hate Sam. Eve an ex model, and her three friends scheme to bring Sam down. They all believe Eve is able to teach him a lesson about falling for a women, then getting his heart stomped on. But things start to go wrong when they one can't resist each other, and two Eve thinks maybe there is more to Sam than what everyone believes there is. 
I enjoyed both characters in this book, along with all of the side characters. It was very well written, but I felt it could have been a lot better, at times I felt just a little bit bored and wishing the book would be over with. Other than that I can say for a unique love story with lots of drama then this is the one for you. 

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