Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Title: The Game Changer
Series: The Game Changer, #1
Author: L.M. Trio
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

It’s hard to believe that it only takes one split second in time to turn your world completely upside down. Everything that ever made you feel safe and secure; can be gone in an instant...”

Jesse’s world is shattered in that instant…the rest of her life is mapped out by a split second change that she never dreamed could happen. Now she must learn to start living through all of the things that come after.

After suffering a breakdown, Jesse, a shy, awkward, soon to be junior in high school, and her father, decide to make a new start in a new town, hoping to find a tiny piece of the happiness they once knew. She never dreamed that the family living across the street from her new home could change her life in ways she never thought were possible…

Luke thought he had his life figured out. The soon to be senior, thought he had everything; popularity, looks, charm, girls, and an arm that was the envy of every MLB pitcher in the game. The shy, awkward, but way too beautiful girl that moved into the house across the street, was not in his plans. 

The story continues with everlasting friendships, love, challenges, and Game Changers that are unexpected in their young lives.

Who knew that even after a tragedy, life can give you more than you ever had before?

The Game Changer starts out with JJ and her dad moving to a new town to get away from the memories of her mother passing away in a horrible car accident. It had been very hard for JJ to move on from that since she was also in the car with her mom. Once the get to this new town, she starts to make new friends with the people across the street, De, her brother Luke, and Mikey. Luke and JJ get very close through the book, and start to have feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. Neither one of them has every been in a relationship before now, and are a little unsure of what to do next, or what to expect. But they have a wonderful friendship together. Luke and Mikey are also the "town celebrities" they are both very good baseball players, both hoping to play in MLB. 
I really enjoyed this story. I love how Luke and JJ talk to each other about everything, they really truly are best friends, and it makes their relationship so much better because of this. I was able to feel all of the emotions coming from both of them throughout this book. However in the end, I was seriously thrown for a loop, something so unexpected happened and I was left reeling! I'm a little bit upset with the ending, but I'm looking forward to the next book, The Game Changer Final Score.  

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