Thursday, March 21, 2013

Title: Summer In The City
Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars
Athletic Jamie isn't sure about spending the summer in the city with her romance-novel-writing mum. But when she meets irresistible Josh, Jamie realizes she could probably use all the romance advice she can get!

Lacrosse camp 9 a.m.-noon (can't be late! "Coach" Josh will freak out)

Basketball camp 1:00-4:00 (so many screaming kids. . . )

Shopping with Mona 4:30 (finally a break)

Date with Andrew 7:30 (he's so perfect. . . isn't he?

Jamie is going to the city to stay with her mom for the summer to get away from her dad, and his new girlfriend. When she gets there she starts to notice it seems every one is in "love" lately. As Jamie goes to a camp for a week during the summer she meets Josh, and things start to get very interesting from there. But she also meets Andrew her "poet" next door neighbor, is perfect right? Well maybe, or maybe not so perfect. During this book who see how hard it can be for a girl who is not a "girly girl" and hangs out with a lot of guys. But most of them she doesn't seem to be interested in because they are all Jocks, and she's already been burned twice by jocks, so she doesn't want a repeat of that. So she tries to be with someone new, but just maybe finding someone who isn't a jock isn't exactly what she needs either. This is a well written young adult novel that I really enjoyed. I like most of the book except around sixty percent of the it when it seemed to be getting somewhat slow, and  boring. 
Also I didn't like the epilogue. I love how you get to see Jamie, but I just didn't like the very last page. It kind of bummed me out and made me feel like there is more to this story now, and I'm missing it. Overall I Summer In The City a 4 out of 5 stars! 

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