Saturday, March 23, 2013

Title: Playing With The Boys
Series: Pretty Tough Series, #2
Author: Liz Ligelaar
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

New girl Lucy is desperate for friends. She tries out for Beachwood High soccer, but despite her amazingly accurate kick, fails to make the team. When the Coach points out that varsity football is looking for a new kicker, Lucy is skeptical. Football? Isn't that a boys' game? But on the gridiron Lucy discovers that she feels strong; in control for the first time since her mother died. She loves football. She actually wants to play! (She also wants to hang out with super-cute quarterback Ryan Conner. But that's just icing on the cake.)

Too bad no one else wants her on the team. Not the boys' coach, not her teammates, and especially not her overprotective dad. Will Lucy cave in to the pressure? Or will she prove she's pretty tough after all?

Playing With The Boys is a cute young adult novel about a girl who moves to California, and has to start a new school, and her new life. She tries out for the soccer team but doesn't make it, so the soccer coach suggests Lucy try out for the football team as a kicker, because their kicker recently got injured. Lucy agrees to try out and things seem to be looking great, she has friends from soccer, and now she is going to play football. But Lucy isn't always so Lucky... Many things start to go wrong for Lucy because of the choices she makes. The book is very well written, and seriously cute. Now some things Lucy does just got very annoying, and made her seem very shallow. Theending proved Lucy wasn't all that bad, but just made some dumb mistakes. I really enjoyed the football aspect of this book, it is very interesting to see female players because it's not something I've ever witnessed before in real life. I rate this 3 out of 5 stars. The book is just okay, not great, and not bad. It's not something I want to read more than one time. It is a cute, fun read with football, and high school drama. 

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