Saturday, March 16, 2013

Title: Heart On A Chain
Author: Cindy C. Bennett
Rating: 4 Shooting Stars

17-year-old Kate has lived her whole life in abject poverty, with an alcoholic father and drug-addicted mother, who severely abuses Kate. At school, her second-hand clothing marks her as a target. Her refusal to stand up for herself makes her the recipient of her classmates taunts and bullying. That is, until Henry returns. 

Henry Jamison moved away six years earlier, just as he and Kate had begun an to develop feelings for one another. He returns to find the bright, funny, outgoing girl he had known now timidly hiding in corners, barely speaking to anyone around her, suspicious of even him. 

Kate can’t figure out what game Henry is playing with her - for surely it is a game. What else would the gorgeous, popular boy from her past want with her? 

Kate finally decides to trust Henry’s intentions, opening her heart to him. Just when it seems he might be genuine in his friendship, tragedy strikes, threatening everything Kate has worked so hard to gain. Can Henry help her to overcome this new devastation, or will it tear them apart forever?

Heart on a Chain is a wonderful story about a girl who gets bullied at school, and abused at home. Kate gets abused by her mother at home, then she has to go to school where she has no friends and keeps to herself because of all of the other students either being mean to her, or ignoring her. This changes when Henry comes back into her life. He shows her how a real friend is suppose to be, and that not all people are going to treat her badly. This is a good YA story, that gets extremely intense at times. I was somewhat disappointed with the ending though, it made me want more of the main characters. But it was still a good book, and written very well.

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