Friday, February 15, 2013

Title: Fairytale Come Alive
Series: Ghost And Reincarnation Series, #4
Author: Kristen Ashley
Rating: 5 Shooting Stars

In Isabella Austin Evangelista’s life miracles never happen… she knows she’s destined to be the princess who’s stuck in the middle of a fairytale where there will be no happily ever after. 

Once upon a time, Prentice Cameron loved Isabella Austin until he discovered she was a spoiled, rich girl who spent her summers toying with his heart.

Life led Prentice to his own fairytale, the love of the full-of-life Fiona Sawyer. That being so, that fairytale was torn away when Fiona died of a brain tumour leaving Prentice with a house to keep clean, piles of laundry to be done, a business to run and two children who were getting tired of takeaway.

But Isabella comes back to Prentice’s tiny fishing town and she sweeps into his children’s lives like a beautiful, well-dressed fairy godmother who bakes exquisite chocolate cakes and gives the perfect manicure to six-year-old girls. Then Prentice finds out Isabella’s soul destroying secrets, secrets that explain why she left him so many years ago.

Fiona, stuck in her village and forced to haunt her family and watch Prentice and Isabella’s crazy dance, finds the impossible happening. She’s cheering for Bella and Prentice to rekindle their love. Then she finds out why she’s caught in her heartbreaking haunting and discovers she must embrace her magic and keep Bella safe or Bella’s fairytale will never come true.

Fairytale Come Alive is my favorite book of this series even though it gives me lots of mixed emotions. What makes me fall in love with this book is Elle at the beginning. She has demons that she’s tried to hide and she puts this aloof indifference shell to protect herself. The parts that make me sad is the fact that Elle lost her mom, as did Jason and Sally but it helped form a bond between Jason and Elle. This is a story about two people who were torn apart and brought back together even though they both experienced really bad and good times without the other they know it’s only better with each other. I love this story it’s so sweet and heartbreaking and also funny!

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