Friday, February 15, 2013

Title: A Needful Heart
Author: J.M. Madden
Rating: 3 Shooting Stars

Matt Calvin has watched Gina’s beautiful behind sway up and down the doctor’s office hallway once a month for four long years, and it’s time to do something about his fascination. He’s not relationship material, but he doesn’t expect it to get that far. He just wants to talk to her, man to woman, and put himself out of his misery once and for all. Things never go as planned, though, and when fantasy crashes and burns into reality, Gina pays the price.

Gina doesn’t blame Matt for her injury, but she is appreciative when he steps into her crazy life to help out. Proximity fires sudden attraction between them and Gina can’t believe she’s overlooked the sexy carpenter for this long. Tattooed and intimidating, he’s not the type she’s normally drawn to, but something about him tugs at her heartstrings. 

When an explosive situation develops and they have to save a little boy, Matt loses control of his tightly held anger. Though his heart aches, Matt walks away, both for Gina’s safety and his own sanity. It’s up to Gina to convince him love can heal any heartache.

When I started reading this I didn’t really have much hope for it, but once I got into the story it got pretty good. I love how the hero was still an “alpha male” but yet he wasn’t aggressive. He was affarid to be like his father, and never had any real relationships. But Gina helped him along the way, she was always so understanding and patient with him. It was like she was the “lead” in some ways yet not in others. I also love how the little boy fits into the story.

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