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Title: Grave Misgivings
Series: A Maddie Graves Mystery #4
Author: Lily Harper Hart

The Fourth of July holiday is almost upon them, and Maddie Graves and Nick Winters are celebrating with a high school reunion.
Nick is excited while Maddie is more … reticent. Bad memories and old insecurities are warring with her happy life and future. Instead of giving into her fears, though, Maddie agrees to spend the weekend at the infamous Denton mansion with a group of former classmates.
The weekend is filled with more than reminiscing, though.
The former lady of the house, Rose Denton, still haunts the property – and she’s not the only one. There’s also a pesky poltergeist on the hunt.
When Nick’s former girlfriend goes missing, everyone is a suspect. It seems someone from Blackstone Bay’s Class of 2005 might be a murderer – or something even worse.
Maddie and Nick are stuck. They know they’re in danger if they stay, and yet they can’t leave until fifty years worth of mysteries are solved – and Cassidy Dunham is found.
When things come to a head, Maddie is in danger again – and this time the enemy was one she didn’t see coming.
Can Nick solve the mystery in time to save Maddie? And can a long tortured soul finally find rest?
By the time fireworks hit the sky, both of those questions will be answered – and a whole lot more will come to light.


In the fourth book of the series, Nick and Maddie are going to a high school reunion with some of Nick's friends. Maddie didn't really want to go, but she thinks it may be fun. Neither one of them realized they would have to deal with a very angry ghost, and someone among them who wishes to hurt people. 

This book was really good. I enjoyed Maddie and Nick together, around some of their friends. But I also really loved much Maddie is growing as a character. She's getting more self-esteem, and is standing up for her relationship. 

I hope the end of this one means they won't have issues with Cassidy anymore, because she was seriously annoying. Other than that I thought this one was really good. 
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Title: Grave Delight
Series: A Maddie Graves Mystery #3
Author: Lily Harper Hart

When you find the light, you finally get to embrace delight.

Nick Winters and Maddie Graves are officially a couple – and more importantly, they’re officially happy. They’re finally on the road to forever.
When a body washes up on the Lake Michigan shoreline, though, the couple finds themselves embroiled in another mystery – and the stakes are high.
Local teenager Hayley Walker was missing two weeks before her body was discovered, although her autopsy indicates she’s only been dead for twenty-four hours. Because of the age of the victim – and the way her body was discarded – the death rocks the community.
Between a suspicious boyfriend, legends of a local “pervert” running around the docks and a mysterious older fisherman, the couple have their pick of suspects. That’s on top of the teen’s parents, who are hiding a few secrets of their own.
Nick and Maddie have love on their side, even if they’re still struggling with Marla’s machinations and Cassidy’s anger at every turn.
When the pieces finally fit together, it might be too late for Maddie. Can Nick get to her in time, and can this couple give peace to a restless soul before it’s too late?


Nick and Maddie are happy now that they are together, and they are about to move forward in their relationship. But one night while out on a date they discover a dead body on the beach. It is a young woman, and Maddie will try to do everything she can to figure out what happened too her before someone else is in trouble. 

Nick is also working on the case, and he ends up getting some help from his brother who comes back into town. 

This book was really good, and I really enjoyed Nick's brother being in the picture. I hope we get to have more of him around, and I really like Maddie's new friend as well. The only downside to the book was more of Cassidy's crap, but other than that I thought it was really good. 
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Title: Grave Insight
Series: A Maddie Graves Mystery #2
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Life should be good for Maddie Graves and Nick Winters. The only thing standing in the way of their happiness is stubbornness and doubt. 
After surviving an ordeal that almost claimed Maddie’s life, and admitting his true feelings (at least to himself), Nick is at a crossroads. He has a girlfriend to break up with, and a move to make. Both tasks are giving him fits. 
Maddie is happy to be alive, and thrilled to have her best friend back. She’s also panting after Nick – and the early summer heat wave isn’t helping matters. Every new encounter is steamy, and every touch is a promise of forever. 
When death returns to Blackstone Bay, Maddie’s special abilities have her chasing another mystery. Nick is going along for the ride, even though he’s afraid for her safety. He knows what he wants, and he’s ready to claim the life he’s always yearned for. He just has to muster the courage to tell Maddie how he feels. 
There’s an enemy stalking Nick and Maddie, though, and they’re going to have to embrace ‘together’ before they can sample forever. 


Nick finally knows Maddie's secret, and after her almost dying he knows that he is still in love with her. However, he must break up with his current girlfriend, but she is making that difficult. Cassidy knows it is coming and is trying to hide from it. And there is another murderer in town, and Maddie and Nick must figure it out before it is too late. 

This one was really good. I enjoyed the plot line, and I enjoyed how Nick and Maddie acted around each other. I didn't like Cassidy though, and I was really annoyed with how things went with her, but other than that I really enjoyed this one a lot. 
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Title: Grave Homecoming
Series: A Maddie Graves Mystery #1
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Maddie Graves is returning home, and it’s under unfortunate circumstances. Following her mother Olivia’s death, someone has to take care of Maddie’s cantankerous grandmother Maude, and the family tree is almost limbless now. 
It’s not easy for Maddie to return to small-town life in Blackstone Bay, mostly because the boy she left behind is still there – and she’s drawn to him the second she sees him again. 
Nick Winters has always been in love with Maddie. At a certain point, he decided there was nothing he could do but let her go. When she returns to town after a ten-year absence, his world is upended. 
Maddie’s reintegration isn’t smooth, and when she discovers a dead body, all eyes are on her. Since Nick is a local police detective, he finds their lives intersecting with alarming frequency. He knows she’s hiding something, and he’s determined to find out what it is. 
Maddie and Nick are drawn together, but they have a few obstacles in their way – including a lifelong secret she’s kept buried: She can see and talk to ghosts. When Maddie’s life is in danger, though, Nick can’t turn away. 
This duo is on a collision course with the truth, and death is stalking them every step of the way. Will they get a chance to embrace destiny, or were they doomed before they ever got a chance to begin? 


Maddie Graves is finally coming home after being gone for ten years. Her best friend and the boy she has been in love with for years was left behind, and now she believes he won't want anything to do with her. But when Nick takes one look at Maddie, he is angry but he knows that his feelings are still there. 

However, Maddie has a secret and Nick has a girlfriend. These two will have to go through a lot before they can finally be together, and someone may end up getting hurt in the process. 

This book was okay. I was thoroughly annoyed with Maddie through most of it, and I hated her reason for leaving in the first place. That was just so dumb. But other than that I liked the story, even though I think Nick should have broken up with his girlfriend as soon as he saw Maddie, but that didn't happen. Other than that I thought the story was interesting, and I want to read more. 
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