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Title: Caged
Series: Caged #1
Author: Amber Lynn Natusch

"I stood in the middle of the room, unmoving – I barely breathed. My life had just become surreal, impossible, and one enormous lie. I needed to go, to run somewhere, anywhere to beat back the reality that was rapidly closing in around me. The image of him was burned into my retina, flashing over and over again like a warning. He was trapped somewhere between human and decidedly not, and I realized that was my new reality.
I was too."

After the death of her parents, Ruby awakens from a lifetime of shadows and finds herself alone, thrust into a world of lies, deceit, betrayal and the supernatural.
As her quest for truth continues to come up short, she realizes that maybe some questions really are best left unanswered.
When her true identity is finally unveiled, she is forced to choose between two of the mysterious men who continually seem to crop up in her life.
She chooses poorly.
Now abandoned, Ruby must learn to call on the darkness within to survive, or spend a hellish eternity imprisoned because of it.

(Content Advisory: language, mild violence)


Caged begins when Ruby, whose been alone most of her life, ends up having a guy keep popping up in strange places. She doesn't really know him, and she ignores all the warning signs of what it means for him to be there, that is until another man comes along who informs her of what's really going on. Now, she must choose who to believe, and why. But, she may not make the correct choice. 

This book was interesting, and it started off really well. I just didn't like the way it ended, that bugged me a lot. And I was really annoyed with how Ruby started treating Sean after she thought they were getting close. It was beyond frustrating, then with Sean and that other woman drove me nuts too. I hated that part of it, and it made me question what was going on and what would happen in the next book. 

I'm not sure if I will read more in this series, but I did like this one and I thought it was interesting. 
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Title: Whiskey, Vamps, and Thieves
Series: Southern Vampire Detective #1
Author: Selene Charles

Meet Scarlett Smith, Southern Vampire Detective… 

Well, at least that's what she is today. Not too long ago she was just a regular Southern Belle in love with her soldier, dreaming of a life full of babies and white picket fences. 

Then she died. 

Now she's a vampire in a shifter's world trying to make sense of her sudden thirst for blood and her strange ability to read the emotions off of others. Especially as it pertains to death—she and death have a strange affinity for one another now, but best not to dwell on that subject too long. She's still totally just a normal girl, except now she solves murders and drinks a little type-O on the side. No big deal, she's certainly nothing special or amazing...right? Except every once in a while she senses something stirring inside of her. Something dark. Something ancient. And something very, very powerful. But for now it's just easier to pretend she's nothing more than a vampire with a badge and a gun who just so happens to have the hots for not one, but two different shifters one of whom is her step-brother. 

No one ever said being dead would be easy. 


Scarlett is a vampire detective living with a pack of werewolves. She's always secretly been in love with her "brother" who doesn't seem to notice her in that way, and she's always been grudgingly accepted among the pack. But, when things start to get crazy in the human world and people start dying she's going to help out and see what's going on. However, her old flame has come back, and her brother is acting strange and out of sorts. Then you add in the crazy alpha, and you have a world of problems. She must find the killer before it all falls apart. 

This book started off really interesting, and good. But, then I felt like it shifted some and I didn't like the direction in it went in. I liked the main character, but I hated her back and forth on her feelings, and I hated how a lot of stuff wasn't explained, and the end just frustrated me. But, I know this is a series and more answers will come, I just don't think I want to read more. 

It was a nice story to pass the time with, but I don't see myself getting more into the series than that. 
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Title: Live Wire
Series: Blue-Eyed Bomb #1
Author: Amber Lynn Natusch

Sapphira is a ticking time bomb.

Two years ago, she lost control of the unstable energies within her and caused a horrific supernatural incident. Since then, she and her family have lived in constant fear of another—and her freedom seems only a distant memory.

In Huskers Grove, Iowa, a darkness looms. A great and faceless evil. An evil that wants Sapphira. Can she master her abilities to save the ones she loves or will she fall victim to the enemy that seeks to take what is rightfully hers?


Sapphira did something by accident two years ago, and now she's changed her whole self in order to protect herself, and fight off what happened and how she's afraid it will happen again. The problem with that is she's not being treated by one of the family as her brothers are, and she has a lot more issues with her father now. 

But, when the plan she's on with her family crashes, it opens up a new world for her, and now she must figure out what's going on and how she can fix it. 

This book was pretty interesting. I liked the overall plot line, and I enjoyed most of the parts with the heroine and the human man. I didn't like Sapphira in the beginning though. I thought she was kind of a horrible person, even if she had her reasons. And I really wanted to know more about her brothers. 

I don't think I will read more in this series, but this was a nice read to pass the time with and introduce the characters. 
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Title: Shadow Blessed
Series: The Shadow Accords #1
Author: D.K. Holmberg

The A'ras of Nyaesh have a terrifying reputation: skilled swordsmen, owners of powerful magic, and ruthless killers. When they kill her parents, Carth discovers her parents had trained her for magic she never knew she possessed. 

She must use the skills they taught to stay alive, discover a way to find answers, and avenge them if she can. Only the discovery of a greater threat than the A'ras forces her to risk herself for new friends, and a home she never wanted.


Shadow Blessed begins with something happening to Carth's parents. She doesn't understand what's going on and why, but she will have to live with some strange people in order to survive so she can get revenge. However, along the way she encounters a lot of twists and things about herself that her parents never spoke about, now she must figure out who to trust before it is too late. 

This book was really interesting. I loved the Shadow ability that Carth had, and how brave she was. I felt like this book lacked something, I just wasn't sure what it was. And Carth was pretty awesome for having lost both her parents so soon, and having to go through all she did. 

Overall, I liked this one, but it wasn't great and it wasn't bad either. It was an nice story to get into while passing the time with. 
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Title: Skip Beat!
Series: Skip Beat 3-in-1 #8
Author: Yoshiki Nakamura

Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he’s casting her out now that he’s famous enough! Kyoko won’t suffer in silence—she’s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

Kyoko’s recent efforts to improve her craft have really paid off! She’s brought new life to her new bully role and really impressed the director and crew. But Kyoko’s success sends her costar Chiori over the edge! Can Kyoko use her understanding of the dark side to help her fellow actress work past her personal demons, or will the clash of their personalities destroy the set?!


Skip Beat takes place right after the previous book ends. The heroine must figure out a way to take on her new role while others try to sabotage her, and she's still utterly clueless about Ren. However, Show, Ren, and the "Beagle" all seem to come out to haunt her in this one, she better be careful for one wrong step could send the wrong message across. 

I really enjoyed this addition to the Skip Beat Series. I loved the heroine and her quirky nature, but how she could take on a role so well made it so much better as well. Then the relationship between her and Ren was awesome too. I can't wait to see what happens between those two, and how their life will work out now. 
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