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Darron Marks, a Soul Hunter, is on a mission to recover the Seer from a Psyche ward when he finds a blue and black haired female assassin is protecting her. Events are set in motion that leaves Darron questioning his gifts, his need for revenge, and the need to bond for love rather than a business arrangement.
Tabitha, a New Soul, finds herself at a crossroad after meeting the Awakener of Souls. Follow the Council of Souls and bond to the Hound, or turn her back on all that she knows to take her place as the last Advisor to the Awakener and begin a new life.

The Awakener Series


R.E.S. Tidmore is the author of the Awakener series, the Verbecks of Idaho, and Managing Mayhem. She has written for over ten years and has begun to self-publish the previous two. Writing was never something she thought she would do since having dyslexia. Spell and grammar were never her friends. It wasn’t until college that she was exposed to creative writing and fell in love. She learned good spelling and grammar weren’t the only things that made you a writer; although it helped, you had to be about to tell a story. And telling stories was simply part of who she was. As a child she found many of life's little events needed zing and that zing landed her in the principal’s office more than once, with her mother sitting next to her, bottom eyelid twitching.

She is a mother of three kids and a navy wife. Writing is her passion that has helped her through many of her husband’s deployments. She loves running marathons and half marathons with her husband and friends. She enjoys the quiet moments of her day where she can sit and recharge.

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Title: Aberrant Series: Aberrant Series #1 Author: Ruth Silver Publication Date: April 16, 2013 Genre: Y/A Dystopian Publisher: Lazy Day Publishing Cover: Lazy Day Publishing Amazon Barnes & Noble

What if your existence was illegal?
It was supposed to be the perfect system: food, shelter, and jobs for everyone. A strive toward Utopian.
When children can no longer be conceived through natural means, a lottery is established to determine which families will conceive a child in a lab through IVF.
Eighteen year old Olivia Parker is an anomaly. She shouldn’t exist.
The government wants her dead. The rebels have their own perverted agenda. In a world filled with secrets, betrayals, and death lurking at every turn, Olivia must decide her own path and who to trust.
Adventure, mystery, and romance come together in this fast-paced Young Adult dystopian fantasy that will keep readers of all ages turning the pages. Aberrant is the first novel in the Aberrant series. 

                Joshua and I both headed out of the council hall with Jacqueline leading the way. The line of young men had barely dwindled. I avoided their stare, their curiosity as they slowly proceeded forward, giving the attendant their name. I wondered how they knew about me and more importantly what they knew. Jacqueline walked a few feet ahead of us, giving us privacy to talk. I silently thanked her for still respecting us and our wishes. She was probably the only one in Haven who liked us. I didn’t know if I should be relieved or angered by the recent news. I could feel the whispers, like tingles against bare skin as we walked further from council hall and rounded the corner. I was grateful to be out of sight from all those curious stares. "I guess we should consider ourselves lucky," I remarked. I didn't feel lucky. I tried to sound upbeat, but everything was quickly falling apart around us.
                Joshua scoffed at the idea. "Lucky? I wouldn't go that far," he emphasized. "This is how it starts. Eventually, they'll make it a crime for us to see one another." He sounded disgusted.
                "They sort of already are," I remarked, trying to understand the council's decision. "I think they just want to make sure I'm protected." Though I didn't quite understand how setting me up to meet multiple bachelors was any form of protection. It seemed as if they only wanted to keep Joshua away from me. The one person I could trust, implicitly. I knew the rules were different because I was different. They didn’t seem particularly bothered by Joshua having a girl in his room. It didn’t seem fair.
                "Seems like they don't really care what we think at all," Joshua retorted as we headed into our building. "Were you okay last night? I worried when Landon escorted you out of the dormitory."
                I walked slowly up the stairs, Jacqueline just a few feet ahead of us. "Aside from being locked in a room with no windows." I sighed. "At least they're giving me freedom from the tech center and a real bed. I should be grateful," I mocked. I didn't feel grateful, but I knew his mother at least tried to make it easier for me. As soon as we crested the top stair, I froze in place. The building shook with an alarming intensity as the first drone flew low overhead. The downstairs chandelier swayed and I held onto Joshua's arm and my eyes widened in terror. "What do you think is going on?" I asked watching the movement grow stronger as vibrations echoed through the dormitory. A nearby painting affixed to the wall crashed to the floor, the glass breaking. I could feel the ground quake beneath my feet as Joshua grabbed my hand, refusing to let go.
                "We're being attacked." It wasn't a question. Together, we jogged briskly down the hall toward our rooms. I didn't know how much time we had. All I knew was the government was here, and they were searching for me!

Ruth Silver is the best-selling author of the Aberrant trilogy. With a passion for writing and a love of story-telling, Ruth is actively writing two series under her name: Royal Reaper and Orenda. 
She is also writing steamier adult novels under Ravyn Rayne, including the Federal Agent Chronicles. 
Her interests also include traveling, reading, and photography. Her favorite vacation destination is Australia. 
Ruth currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and her book blog Write Away Bliss.


Q: Let’s start with what inspired you to write Aberrant?
My inspiration for Aberrant was in part that I loved reading Dystopian stories. I always love writing, so I wanted to create a world, Cabal, that was unlike anything we've witnessed, but not so far-fetched that it is purely science fiction.
Q: When writing Aberrant, what did you use for inspirations?
There are a variety of novels that I've read over the past several years, that helped in world building when writing Aberrant. Those were: The Hunger Games, The Handmaid's Tale, and Children of Men
Q: Are you currently working on a new book at this time?
Yes I’m working on quite a few new titles under both Ruth Silver and Ravyn Rayne.
Q: If so can you tell us the name of the book and a little bit about it?
I'm working on a spin-off for the Aberrant series. It’s a prequel story and still untitled. I’m also writing the Federal Agent Chronicles which is an adult series.
Q: In Aberrant do you have a favorite character? If so who & why?
I definitely love Olivia's character. She's tough, even when things are stacked up against her, she never gives up. 
Q: Do you have favorite author whose books you love to read?
 I really love John Green's writing. My favorite novel of his is, The Fault in Our Stars.
Q: As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?
I had quite a few career aspirations in my teenage years. After watching the movie Twister, I wanted to be a tornado chaser!
Q: If you could go on an all expenses paid vacation 7 days and 6 nights to anywhere in the world – where would you like to go & why?
I'd love to travel to Paris. It seems incredibly romantic and also a great place to tour the city and see the sights. 
Q: Do you have a favorite playlist that you listen to when you write?
Nope, I can't stand listening to music when I write. I need absolute silence. 
Q: When you aren't writing what do you do to relax and have fun?
In my free time, I love reading, watching movies, television, playing video games and just hanging out with friends. My favorite shows are Orphan Black, The 100, and Reign.

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Title: Kiss of the Dragon
Series: Kindred #8
Author: Nicola Claire

"You do realise," he whispered, his hand reaching up to brush my hair from my face. He began twining a strand around one of his fingers. "That you are my most magnificent obsession." Magnificent obsession. I think I liked that. I certainly understood it. He was mine too.

The explosive conclusion to the Kindred Series.

Confronted with yet another curve ball, Lucinda finds herself in Álfheimrat the mercy of the Dökkálfa. And the Fey have unusual rules, rules which even the Dark Fairies like to stretch. Throwing herself into the political machinations of her hosts, Lucinda must negotiate her release. But what could the Dökkálfa monarch want that would mean Lucinda's freedom?

Never one to have the patience for politics, Lucinda must adapt to new environments and new challenges, not just from the Fairies, but from all sides now. An old enemy rises to do more harm than good, forcing Lucinda to confront depths of loss she thought long buried. Struggling with her physical well-being, battling a political world that is now her home, and working against a powerful, devious and underhand enemy, Lucinda must draw on all her Light to succeed. However she is not alone. She is watched over by the spirit of a dragon. But everyone knows, the kiss of the dragon is as lethal as its flame.

The conclusion to the Kindred series begins when Lucinda is taken by the Fey. This time she must play by their rules, until it is time to fight for her release. But things start to happen that she never expected. Once, out of the Fey's clutches, she realizes that she must now fight a more political battle, then just using her stakes. And Lucinda has very little patience for this type of battle. Add into the mix she hasn't been feeling well, Michel's Vampire acting funny, and then an old enemy showing up and things are about to get more crazy in her world. They must figure it out before it is too late. 

This book was freaking awesome. It picked up right when the last one ended, and then just took us on a whirlwind of changes. We get to see how different Lucinda is now. She isn't just a strong fighter, she's much stronger in other areas as well. And she got to shine  a lot in this one. And we got to see more of Michel and Lucinda's beautiful relationship! They were awesome together in this one. Then we also got to see a freaking fang-tas-tic ending! I totally loved the end of this book. It was beautiful and had me in tears! Way to go Nicola! Now, I can not wait for the spin off to this series (if it happens, crosses fingers)!! 
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Title: Entwined with the Dark
Series: Kindred #7
Author: Nicola Claire

What was wrong with me to antagonise a vampire of his standing to such a degree? I knew I had become too rebellious, too sure of my own place in this world. I was aware that Dark had been encroaching, that I played so often in its shadow I was losing sight of the sun, of my Light. There were times when I truly felt consumed in anger, for all that had happened, for all that I had suffered and lost.

Leaving Auckland and moving to London, Lucinda has to learn new rules and assimilate into a new life she has no love for. Rebelling against everything that just doesn't seem fair, Lucinda upsets not only the new Master of the City, but the local shape shifter pack as well. Not to mention her fairy liaison and the Iunctio itself.

Vampires demand her attention and covet her power. Fairies demand her compliance and seek revenge. And the shape shifters; it's any one's guess what they want, but Lucinda is sure that she's registered on their radar, whatever their radar is set to detect.

A dreary, Gothic, monstrosity of a house, a Nosferatin partner who is scared of the dark, too many rules and too many obligations and things are beginning to fall apart. But, Lucinda is a fighter and fighting for the innocents in her city is not all that she is determined to do. She'll fight for her freedom and for the Light - even as she slowly realises just how far she is already entwined with the Dark.

In the seventh book of the series, Lucinda is not doing too great. She's having a hard time dealing with living in London, not to mention Michel won't talk to her about things that involve the Champion, and then she can feel the Dark clinging to her. Not only does she have to worry about all of that, but there could be a chance she can get things back to how they use to be. But if she doesn't work together with her kindred, then more bad things might start to happen as well. 

This book was really good! I loved how Lucinda and Michel were trying to adjust to their new lives, and make everything work. It was hard to watch them go through that, but in the end I think they did really well. I also really enjoyed getting to see Lucinda battle her Dark. I loved that! Now, I can not believe the story will end in the next book, but I'm extremely excited for it! 
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Title: Shadow's Light
Series: Kindred #6
Author: Nicola Claire

I felt hot tears streaming down my cheeks at his words. Spoken so carelessly, with such shameless intent. He knew how I felt. How I had been feeling. How lost and alone and full of grief my days had been. Avery was not a friend. Not even a trusted acquaintance. But, he understood what I was going through. Even if he didn't have a compassionate bone in his entire buffed body, he knew what I had suffered. I didn't have to justify my behaviour to him.

Walking out on her life and hiding in the only place she can think of that theIunctio - the vampire governing body - and in particular, the Champion, can not find her, Lucinda faces eternity alone and on the run. Heartbroken, bereft and quite desolate she hides in amongst the lowest forms of vampire society. Doing what she can to keep the innocents safe, while denying herself the support she desperately needs to recover from such personal losses.

A saviour of sorts arrives, but can he be trusted? Avery Rousseau has only ever been interested in himself. But the handsome, arrogant and always sowell-put-together vampire does seem to care. At least he offers a distraction from the heartache and loss. Lucinda battles with her inherent mistrust of the one vampire who understands what she is going through. But, should she allow him inside her crumbling walls?

More than just vampires stalk Lucinda though. There is a fairy who claims she is his one true love. Lucinda is called to his Light, she can't help reaching for it, but to do so could have everlasting consequences she may not be prepared to face. As time runs out - first with the Iunctio, then theLjósálfar - Lucinda must do what she has to do, to survive, before her heartache breaks her in two.

But memories plague her, her mind starts to play cruel tricks and slowly reality begins to crumble, taking a once strong and confident Nosferatin down as quickly as a predator catches its prey. And now, there are just so many predators, Lucinda may not stand a chance at all at avoiding being someone's prey.

This book takes places a few months after the last book ended. Lucinda is not in a good place. She's hurting a whole lot. And she's also running. But when she gets found bad things start to happen. Not only is she trying to stay away from Avery, but also the Fae but then something bad happens and she gets taken. She must do everything in her power to get out before it is too late. 

This book was okay. It got slightly boring at times. But I totally loved the end! I was so happy that happened. I kind of hated the stuff that happened between Lucinda and the Fae. That really sucked. But I think she did okay considering everything that had happened. I'm not very anxious to read the next book! 

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Title: Dancing Dragon
Series: Kindred #5
Author: Nicola Claire

'I'm supposed to be the one that calls him back toward the Light. I am the Light to your Dark. You call to me as I call to you. I will always hold you dear. But, it was getting harder. I loved him and it's not as if I never knew it would be difficult loving a vampire. I just never knew the degree of difficulty it would entail.'

Michel battles his rising Dark, all but losing his Light within. His line falters, his life is in turmoil and Lucinda is ultimately shut out. Without his kindred to draw him back to the Light, just how Dark will Michel become? And can Lucinda survive without him in her life? To bring him back towards the Light they both must face harsh truths and their deepest secrets and desires. But a vampire's number one rule is survive at all costs. Just what will Michel do to survive and how will it affect Lucinda?

An ancient vampire appears in London feasting on innocents with abandon. Lucinda's role as the Sanguis Vitam Cupitor calls her to the streets of Knightsbridge and into the grasp of this powerful and hungry Dark predator. Calling on all her reserves she is barely able to survive with her life, but fails to save those humans he blithely kills. Guilt wages with fear as she realises this is not a one-time event and attempts to discover the meaning behind his appearance and Dark hunger which cannot be assuaged.

In the shadows left by the Dark vampire lurks a strange new threat. Dressed in the guise of a mischievous, gorgeous and compelling young man who catches Lucinda in a spell which could not possibly be of this Earth. It's not just his beauty that traps Lucinda though, it's the fact that he has Light. A Light so similar to her own that she is drawn to it, can't stop herself reaching for it. But she ultimately knows, to touch it could prove her downfall. But, can she resist?

The world is turning Darker, greater threats than vampires are about to appear and Lucinda is the key. Try as she might, without her kindred by her side her chances of success are dimmed. For together they are stronger, apart they grow weaker. And there are always those on the sidelines who are willing to take advantage of the weak. They are vampyre, it is in their nature to hunt prey and Lucinda is the ultimate game for the predator within.

Dancing Dragon begins with a whole lot of problems between Lucinda and Michel. Like problems so big there may no be turning back. Michel is turning to the "Dark" and Lucinda is having issues bringing him back. Add this into the fact that there is a new big bad vampire in London who is killing innocents, and you have a whole world of trouble. 

This book was okay. I must say I hated the way Lucinda and Michel treated each other in this book. It was utterly devastating, and horrid. I just couldn't believe it. Then to top it off the ending was crazy as all get out. I was in tears in the end. I'm looking forward to the next one, but this one was disappointing, even if it left me angry, and excited all at once.
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