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Title: Wicked Hearts
Series: An Ivy Morgan Mystery #9
Author: Lily Harper Hart

There’s no better time to be in love – and newly engaged – than Valentine’s Day. 
That’s what Ivy Morgan believes anyway. She’s happy, looking forward to spring, and eager to show her fiancĂ© Jack Harker around Shadow Lake’s infamous winter festival. Unfortunately for Ivy, things don’t go as planned. 
While visiting the community barn, one of the girls prepping for the annual pageant falls ill and Ivy has a terrifying vision of the event before it happens. It turns out the girl has been poisoned, and in an effort to watch the remaining girls, Ivy signs up to be a mentor. 
The Festival of Love Pageant is anything but a serene environment. The girls are at each other’s throats, the pageant coordinator is wound a little tight, and someone keeps going after the contestants. 
Jack is on the case but the evidence is thin and he’s running out of time. He can’t do it on his own and he’s reluctant to involve Ivy and risk making her a target. That means they have to work together. 
It’s up to Ivy and Jack to figure out an intricate plot, unravel some emotional distress associated with Ivy’s past and come to grips with her growing abilities. 
It’s going to be one heck of a pageant … that is if everyone can survive until the final curtain call.


Jack and Ivy are engaged now, and they are both very excited about it. But when the Valentine's day festival starts and the local beauty pageant begins things start to go bad. Ivy has some bad memories from the pageant she was forced into, and when one of the high school girls is poisoned, she decides to help out the investigation by helping out in the pageant. 

That doesn't go over so well, and she and Max end up having some issues. Then she and Jack have to do what they can to find the culprit before it is too late. 

This book was really very good, and we got to see another side to Ivy, and more in her past. It was really awesome, and I loved Ivy and Jack together. I was a little annoyed with Max though. Some of the things he did didn't make a lot of sense to me, but other than that I thought this one was good, and I was rooting for Ivy. 
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Title: Wicked Winter
Series: An Ivy Morgan Mystery #8
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Happiness, joy and a proposal? Merry Christmas from Shadow Lake. 
Jack Harker is a nervous wreck. He has big Christmas plans for his girlfriend Ivy Morgan, and they involve a ring and house renovations all at one time. First, he has to make sure they both make it through a tense holiday season, though. 
For Ivy, things are less clear. She knows Jack is hiding something but can’t figure out exactly what. Her problems are only compounded by the fact that her parents have delayed their usual winter travel plans, her brother is a terrible liar, and she feels as if everyone is in on a secret that she can’t quite grasp. 
Things go from bad to worse during a shopping outing when a masked robber is shot in the back by his partner and left to die in Ivy’s arms. Ivy is determined to find the truth behind the man’s actions, and even Jack can’t talk her down when determination and desperation clash. 
Jack knows Ivy is incapable of letting it go so it’s his job to make sure she doesn’t trip over trouble she can’t find her way out of. In the end, hearts and minds will collide when Ivy realizes she already knows the answer … but has to survive to share the truth. 
It’s a race to the finish line, with Jack trying to give Ivy the best holiday gift ever and Ivy trying to overcome her own fear and let him. 
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it might not end with a happy holiday if Jack and Ivy can’t put together the pieces of a murder in time for peace, joy … and forever.


It is almost Christmas, and Ivy thinks Jack is hiding something, she just isn't sure what. But when she saves her mother in a mall and watches a man die things start to get a little crazy for her. She does what she can to move on, but she knows something is not right, and when she focuses on the secret Jack is hiding it may end up spoiling her Christmas. 

This was another good book in this series. I loved how Jack was acting in this one, and I felt bad for Ivy at times, but I was also annoyed with her. I wish she just would have let it go, but she didn't. I was also really surprised that her "powers" didn't help her out much in this one. 

I thought this one was really good, and I look forward to more now. 
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Title: Wicked Season
Series: An Ivy Morgan Mystery #7
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Ivy Morgan is convinced life couldn’t get better. She’s happy, in love and since fall is her favorite season she’s having a great time with the shifting weather. All of that changes when her boyfriend’s mother and sister show up out of the blue and cast her life into disarray. 
Jack Harker has never been happier, and even though he loves his mother and sister he’s not thrilled with their arrival. Things only get worse when Jack’s mother starts making demands, and the biggest one is that Jack cut his time in Shadow Lake short and return to southeastern Michigan. 
Ivy’s good mood turns sour quickly despite Jack’s insistence that he has no intention of leaving. Despite the upheaval, Ivy does her best to get to know Jack’s family. Things spiral out of control when danger hits town … again. 
When a local farmer is found dead on his property, Jack and Ivy find themselves embroiled in a dark mystery of epic proportions. The clues go back years and the suspect pool is unnaturally large given the number of workers on the farm. 
Ivy is going to have her hands full. She has to charm Jack’s mother, find a murderer and keep herself safe. When the end comes, Ivy finds herself saddled with an unlikely ally while Jack is fighting a battle against time to reach the woman he loves before a killer can snuff out their happily ever after.


Thanksgiving is about to be here, and Ivy and Jack are looking forward to spending the holiday together. Jack isn't going to see his mother and sister, but he is looking forward to spending time with Ivy and her family. 

That is until Jack's mom and sister pay a surprise visit to him, and start to make things difficult. They weren't expecting him to be with someone like Ivy, and things start to get a little crazy. Add in a strange death a turkey farm and Jack and Ivy have got a lot to deal with. 

This book was really good. I enjoyed getting to know more about Jack's family, but I was slightly disappointed with how they acted. Other than that I thought this one was really good, and I enjoyed how close Ivy and Jack are now. It was great to see them together like this, and I look forward to more in this series. 
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Title: Wicked Fog
Series: An Ivy Morgan Mystery #6
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Fall is here and Ivy Morgan is excited. Halloween is her favorite time of year and all she wants is to share her good mood - and three little words - with her boyfriend Jack Harker. That all changes when Jack and Ivy discover a body in a corn maze and Ivy is overcome by a dark foreboding that renders her unconscious. After sitting vigil, Jack is relieved when Ivy opens her eyes. He's not bothered - only curious - when she tells him what happened. As she recovers, Ivy realizes she's seeing through a killer's eyes. She has no idea where the new ability came from, but she's terrified of the repercussions. All Jack cares about is keeping her safe. Shadow Lake is a peaceful hamlet, but the dead man is a local firefighter and his passing unleashes a bevy of secrets on a town that didn't know true ugliness until it smacked them in the face. Between affairs, a grieving pregnant mother, and two families that can't stop pointing their fingers at each other, Jack and Ivy have their hands full. Ivy's new ability is something to adjust to, but a killer's vengeance is something far, far worse. When Ivy realizes that the killer knows she's been watching, she goes from an observer to a target. Can Jack keep her safe? And, more importantly, can he tell her he loves her before it's too late?


Wicked Fog begins with Ivy being extremely excited. it is Halloween, and she is ready for her favorite holiday. However, when she ends up discovering a dead body in a corn field and has a strange vision things start looking a little crazy. 

In this book, Ivy seems to be developing more powers, but she is afraid of them, and that just frustrated me. I hate how she keeps saying she isn't a "witch" or "magical" yet she admits to having the dreams with Jack. That was annoying and Jack and Ivy's fight in this one was frustrating and annoying as well. 

Other than that this book was really interesting, and I loved what happened with Ivy and Jack in the end. I can't wait to see what else happens in their relationship now. 
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