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Title: Diabolical
Series: Shaye Archer #3
Author: Jana DeLeon

Nine years ago, the police found Shaye Archer wandering in the French Quarter, beaten and abused and with no memory of the previous fifteen years, not even her name. Now, at twenty-four, Shaye is a licensed private investigator, determined to get answers for her clients when the police can’t help. But her last case uncovered more than anyone anticipated, and pieces of Shaye’s missing past have surfaced with unexpected consequences. 

She’s starting to remember. 

Will Shaye unlock the secrets buried deep in her mind? And more importantly, can she handle the truth if she does?


Shaye is finally starting to remember bits and pieces of what happened to her. But she's starting to learn that it may be far worse than what she imagined, and another girl has been taken by the same person that took Shaye. 

This may have more horrible consequences than Shaye could have imagined. It will come back to haunt her a hundred times more if she isn't careful. 

This book was awesome. I adored the plot line, and I really loved Shaye and Jackson. I really hope they get together soon. The ending totally threw me for a loop, talk about a major plot twist, it was crazy. Now, I'm more excited than ever to read more. 
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Welcome to the Sunday Post!
 A weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer

 It lets everyone know what happened during our week.. 

 So check it out.

Hey fellow Shooting Stars!! 

Another week that has shot by so quickly! 

This week I got to read an ARC from one of my favorite authors, and it was really good. I also found a new cozy mystery series that was hilarious. But I'm all caught up on it now. So, I went off to find some new reads at the library. Let's just hope they are good! (crosses fingers) 

Right, so that's all on the book items. Let's get a little bit personal now. 

It rained a bit this week, so that was awesome. I love the rain. 
I got an indoor green house, and have started growing some plants. 

My son is fixing to start Kindergarten. I'm so not excited about this. Meet the teacher is this coming week, and then he starts next week. 

We went to the Dentist for my hubby. That was not fun. I hate the dentist. 

And then my son lost his first tooth. I can't believe it. He thought it was broken, then I explained to him that he has another one coming in now. He thought that was cool. 

That's all for now folks. Have a great week! 

Until the Stars Align Again, 

Shooting Stars Reviews. 

~Last Week~
Sunday Post: Cozy Mystery


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Title: Poison and Prejudice
Series: Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery #4
Author: Chelsea Field

When Izzy agreed to become an undercover poison taster, she didn’t anticipate that it might involve driving around the streets of Los Angeles with a corpse in the trunk. 

Because the police asked her to. 

She also didn’t think finding a body together could be considered a bonding experience until she met Connor’s family. 

But fate delights in marking its territory all over Izzy’s expectations. And this time she’ll be caught between the powers of Homeland Security, an evil human trafficking ring, and the Taste Society all working toward different ends…


Izzy is working for a celebrity client and when she finds a dead body in the trunk of a car things get complicated. The cops ask her to keep the body in the trunk, and act like it never happened. While also continuing her job, this gets even more crazy of Izzy. 

Conner isn't happy with Izzy working this case, but he knows that he can't stop her, so he and his sister offer to help her out with it. But that makes it a little more dangerous as well. 

This book was another great addition to this series. I adored Izzy and Conner together, and I really enjoyed the plot line as well. I'm wondering if Izzy's neighbor is going to figure out what she really does for a living, and I can't wait for more in this series. 
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